Social Action: Junior Youth Empowerment Project

Posted on Friday, February 13th, 2009 at 5:27 am

by Clare O’Brien

Junior Youth Around the World

This Saturday Oxford University Baha’i Society is going to have an amazing workshop for anyone who wants to get involved in social action through junior youth empowerment!

What is Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment?

The objective of the junior youth groups are the empowerment of participants through the development of spiritual perception, the enhancement of their power of expression, and the building of a sound moral structure.  The program molds the capacities of all the junior youth for service to humanity, releasing their energies for a purposeful and constructive life. Now tell me, who doesn’t want to do that??

The Junior Youth Empowerment Project

The junior youth program is a globally developed social and economic development initiative that began some thirty years ago in a number of countries around the world. Its purpose is to empower young people to contribute effectively to the advancement of civilization. Today there are junior youth groups in every part of the world, who meet in various places (homes, schools, under trees, centres).

Why Junior Youth?

Junior Youth are young people between the ages of 11-14 years old. This is a very important time when jr youth are transitioning from being children into being youth. It is during this period of life that the majority of behaviours and habits are developed. They are impacted by a number of different forces (media, society, friends etc). To find out more come on Saturday.

Why Service?



One of the main objectives of junior youth groups is to empower the young people to be able to contribute to the advancement of world civilization. Individual and social transformation go hand in hand, their is a great need to encourage young people to better their environment through service. It is impossible to chance just the individual or society, it must be a dual process to be effective.

Why Language?

There is great importance in developing a rich vocabulary and eloquent speech. Junior youth are dis-empowered when they cannot express what they see and experience in the world. More on Saturday!

Why Religion?

The majority of junior youth believe in religion, or ‘a’ religion, and this is a topic could not be avoided. In families, and all around the world, religion is a powerful social force, and the majority of the peoples of the world have beliefs. Junior youth groups make a space so that people from all religions could come together and make the world a better place and at the same time talk about what spirituality is.

A Baha’i from Canada describes this so well
“This is very important because junior youth have many dimensions to their reality; they are physical beings, they are social beings, but they are also spiritual beings. We have to help ensure that all these aspects of life become integrated and one, not separate from each other. It is actually when we start making separations that things become confusing and problems arise. We tend to fragment life in compartments, life, school, work, church/mosque, family, and we begin to act differently in each setting, until you end up forgetting who you are. This is because spiritual and material, or intellectual, progress needs to go hand in hand.”

Where & When: Saturday, February 14 at Brasenose College (Lecture room 11) from 10 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

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  1. Loree says:

    Okay, here you are. Disregard email. Had to go to your home page and work backward, there are missing parts of the page on the email link. This blog subject is so perfect for me today. We’re having a similiar meeting though much smaller tonight in Washington. This will be a great resource article for us! Thank you Clare.

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