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Oxford University Baha'i Society

The Oxford University Baha’i Society (OUBS) is a space for Baháʼís and those interested in the Baháʼí Faith to discuss and consult on various aspects of the Baháʼí Teachings, as well as to meet and socialise. The topics of discussion include:

  • spirituality and mindfulness

  • tools and skills for society building

  • visions of a peaceful society for individuals and communities

  • familiarity with the international, national, and local work of the Baháʼí Community’s contribution to socio-economic projects

  • historical links of the Baháʼís with Oxford and the United Kingdom

  • social events around key annual dates of the Baháʼí Calendar, and visits to Baháʼí places of interest


The society also offer talks on topics with spiritual and intellectual excellence in mind, such as the importance of education, the pressing need for international unity, the participation of the Baháʼí International Community at the UN, and the involvement of the Baháʼí community in the Inter-Faith movement, as well as seminars exploring and discussing excerpts from the Baháʼí Writings. The Baháʼí Society also organise regular meetups to socialise more informally.

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